Room  ( A )  $35.00 an hour.. room dimension 20 ' x 24'

Room ( D )  $30.00 an hour. room dimension 10' x 19'

Room ( E ) $45.00 to $100 an hour... room dimension 18' x 45'

Room "E" is our Showcase room with  Sound Lights and full Backline....Couches and Chairs

New .. Tama SuperStar All Maple 7 piece Drum Set

Behringer mixing Console , Yorkville Speakers, Tops Mids and Subs, Plenty of monitors...

Lights, LED Multi Color..

Room E is also Avialable for Photgraphers and Video Production..

Lighting is available upon request for all Photo and Video Production



Recording Studio/Tracking/Mixxing  Call for pricing

All pricing includes an Audio Engineer.

Master your next project at Cherry Bomb Records 
Mastering requires critical listening...We will deliver enhancement to your music guaranteed 
Cherry Bomb can give you several mixes of your music..Ready for Radio or ready for Pressing your CD...
take home several mixes to decide which one is best for your needs...
Email your Aiff or Wave file.. We will master the song for you on our own time...... email you back the file...$65.00 a song..3 different Mixes to choose from or
Come in to the Studio with our engineer to mix or master the song .... Call for pricing

Video And Film Editing ..... Call for pricing